ITV Summer Of Sport UK TV Advert – Get Ready For A Magnifique Summer Of Sport On ITV & ITV4 – Featuring Eric Cantona – Live And Free On ITV – Full Version And Cantona’s Poem

Get ready for a magnifique summer of sport on ITV & ITV4, with two months of back to back sporting events staged in France.

Sons, brothers, sisters, people of Grey Britain
I see in your eyes the same fear that
Would take my heartโ€ฆ
Donโ€™t be afraid neighbours.
What you feel is passion.
So put down your cucumber sandwich,
That you wash down with warm beer.
When you embrace France, you embrace life.

Roland Garros.
Artistry on the clay.
Tour de France
Sinewy legs are stretched beyond limit.
Euro 2016
New Kings of France will be crowned.

Feel the vigour of France without
having to cross your cold English channel.
For when you bleed, you must bleed Blue, White and Red.
Bask in our joie de vivre.
Without sport, life would be a mistake.
And life is too short for meat pies
eaten on sodden benches.

A magnifique Summer of Sport.
Live and Free on ITV.

Advertiser: ITV