McDonalds – Our Famous French Fries Are Made From 100% British And Irish Potatoes – Good To Know – I’m Lovin It

From time to time, people ask us what our famous McDonaldโ€™s French Fries are made from. How can you use real potatoes if they are so long we hear you ponder?
Meet Steve as he wonders the same question. On the way he meets Terry, a farmer who shows him the truth – McDonald’s French Fries are made from real, whole British potatoes.
Good to Know.
In fact, we use four specially chosen varieties of potato, the Russet Burbank, Shepody, Innovator and Pentland Dell, picked to give McDonaldโ€™s French Fries their particularly long shape.
Once the farmers harvest the spuds we need, they are then washed, peeled and cut. Our restaurant teams cook the fries in a blend of sunflower and rapeseed oil, adding salt before serving.
Did you know that you can ask for your Fries to be served without salt if that’s your preferred taste?

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