McDonalds – Our Beef Burgers Are 100% British And Irish Beef – Good To Know – I’m Lovin It

We often get asked the question, what goes into McDonald’s beef burgers. Surely we must add all sorts of bad stuff to make them taste so good?
Meet Ted, he’s is a butcher, and he knows that a few simple things make a good burger; the right feed, fresh air and whole cuts of forequarter and flank.
So that’s exactly what goes into a McDonald’s burger. No additives or nasty bits, just 100% beef and a pinch of salt and pepper. What’s more our whole cuts of forequarter and flank come from over 16,000 British and Irish farms.
Good to Know.
Each of these British and Irish farms have strict animal welfare standards in place and all of the farms that supply our beef are accredited by nationally recognised farm assurance schemes such as Red Tractor.

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